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Andrea Marie [userpic]

Nobody down here but the FBI's most unwanted

December 8th, 2018 (04:34 pm)

current mood: blah

My life revolves around The X Files
Most posts are OMFG I LOVE DAVID
(not all, but most)
If you're ok with this and want to be friends please leave a comment

XF is love

Andrea Marie [userpic]

Epic Weekend Was Epic: Part II - THE EVENT!

August 3rd, 2011 (01:05 pm)

No pictures because mine suck and camera just lots of words.Collapse )

Andrea Marie [userpic]

Epic Weekend Was Epic Part I

August 2nd, 2011 (12:10 pm)

current location: Work
current mood: nostalgic
Current Entertainment: 80s on Sirius

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Andrea Marie [userpic]

"She's highly emotional that one," "The best ones always are"

September 26th, 2010 (06:00 pm)

current mood: creative
Current Entertainment: Cali -The Last Waltz

So..this morning I craved watching The Pilot of Cali
I'm now on The Last Waltz
that's how it goes
and I was iconing it like mad and then decided to icon lots of California Son since it is such a classic and thought I'd share for those interested:


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Andrea Marie [userpic]

and everywhere I am there you'll be

July 5th, 2010 (04:42 pm)

current mood: artistic

I've been planing this one back and forth for a while so I just wanted to get it out there before I lost all ideas I had.

There You'll Be - by Faith Hill MP4 19.6MB

The video focuses on Scully reflecting on her life with Mulder during the most important times from the Pilot to the beginning of DeadAlive.

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Andrea Marie [userpic]

Cali Vid - Better Now

May 8th, 2010 (09:23 pm)

current mood: cold
Current Entertainment: Cali - Wish You Were

After spending five hours straight (six if you count fixing mistakes and resaving three times) on this (and given it's too damn cold to do much else) I now need to re-watch the entire third season of I'll be up till around three am ...ha. Thank heaven for On Demand

truemyth asked me to do this vid last year, but I wasn't that inspired then..for some reason my vid mind has been running rampant - probably as a distraction from the stress of the work place - and after another season of Hank goodness there was more to work with...and I'm pretty sure I used all 36 eps so spoilerish in that respect (but no real plot points revealed) and I did what I could to use the scenes my close friends and I love the most of our indescribable Hank Moody. I am REALLY happy with how this turned out

Better Now by Collective Soul MP4 18MB

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Andrea Marie [userpic]

A busy Saturday...

May 1st, 2010 (08:33 pm)

current mood: cold

Looking at David all day...
you may ask how is this different than any other day?
I made not one but TWO vids. One to XF one to Cali - because both have been on my mind for the last two weeks so I had to get them both out.

XF- You and Me by Lifehouse
MP4 19MB
The Reason  - by Hoobastank
MP4 23MB

And the You Tube Links. I'm sadly on my third account - the second is still active but has two strikes so I'm not uploading anything new to it to be safe and transferring a lot to the NEW account. Sigh

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Andrea Marie [userpic]

X Files Fan Video - How Far We've Come

February 27th, 2010 (03:21 pm)

current mood: accomplished

200 episodes (201 if you count The Truth as two)
2 movies
Countless hours (too embarrassing to give the total but well into the double digits)
lots of hair pulled and tears of frustration's done

Not even attempting to upload it to You Tube because they are on a rampage again and I don't want to lose my SECOND account so I've uploaded it to Mega Video for embedding purposes and have it converted into every format because it actually looks better not embedded because of how fast it is.

and I'll probably never attempt such a feat again but am very happy with how this turned out and I hope people like it :)


How Far We've Come - MPEG 160MB
How Far We've Come - AVI 42MB
How Far We've Come - MP4 20MB

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Andrea Marie [userpic]

Cali Vid - Use Somebody

February 7th, 2010 (06:43 pm)

current mood: accomplished
Current Entertainment: Superbowl -GO SAINTS

I've been on a Cali vidding spree...well kinda :)

This one I used every single episode...was hard but a fun challenge <3
so, it's partially spoilerish

Use Somebody by Kings of Leon MP4 21MB

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Andrea Marie [userpic]

Cali Vid - Goodbye To You

January 11th, 2010 (11:14 pm)

Idea came to me today, I'm very proud of this and it made me cry making it - for a lot of reasons and I tried to create a new You Tube account just for Cali vids b/c if was the XF ones that got my account suspended - great way to treat fans FOX - and new accounts are disabled and in any case I converted to MP3 - and hope some people watch it even though it's not embedded

Goodbye To You by Michelle Branch 23MB Mp4

ETA: Ok now I could create a new one - no XF vids there though since FOX has it out for me:P

YT embedding stuff - still processing so might not be perfect yetCollapse )

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